Do you have a closet full of fun accessories but don’t quite know how to work them into your wardrobe? Or maybe you have a closet full of basics and need to invest in some timeless accessories to vamp up your look but you just don’t know what to buy. Today we will walk you through 7 trends that are hot and here to stay. All you need is a basic white t-shirt to serve as a blank canvas and, because the denim-white-t-shirt combo will never die, a pair of your favorite jeans.

If you’re anything like us, yours is either dingy, has holes, or you need to throw it out because, let’s be honest, it has pit stains. Yes, sweat happens, but you want to make sure your white tee is a crisp bright white. If it’s time for an update, we recommend stocking up on 2 or 3 plain white t-shirts from Gap so you will always have one on hand that isn’t on its last leg.


Please tell us you have one of these? A kimono is especially great for Texas where you can get a layered look without the bulk. Throwing on a kimono with a white t-shirt and your favorite jeans will make you feel like you are walking the runway. We won’t tell anyone it’s really just the toilet paper aisle at Target.  


Wrap them, tie them, drape them, hide your gas station movie theater candy in them, whatever you want. Up your scarf game with one of these fantastic outerwear pieces and make a statement. These pieces are a great way to express your own personal style and a white t-shirt and jeans is the perfect canvas to showcase your favorites. You will basically be turning yourself into a walking work of art. If you are wondering, a ruana is like a poncho but longer and has a slit in front from the neckline all the way down. You should try one!  


Something we have been loving lately is weatherproof bangles. They don’t jingle, are super lightweight, and you can wear them basically anywhere. Stacking them is such a strong look, anyone can put these on and instantly be on trend. The only backdrop you need is your plain white tee. Well, and your arm, of course.   


Have you noticed the layering trend in jewelry? It’s not just for bracelets and it’s not going away. The key to layering necklaces is to vary the lengths and wear at least three together. But, don’t stop there. Take some risks! Mix metals! Grab some pieces you have on hand, layer them up, and see what you think. They will take center stage against your basic white t-shirt. If you really want to up your style game, get a coin necklace or dig yours out of the back of your jewelry box and throw it into the layering mix. We are seeing them everywhere!  


Animal print is always on the prowl in fashion. If you haven’t been brave enough to wear an animal print yet, now is the time to experiment with your accessories. If you are feeling timid, the simplicity of a white t-shirt and jeans will balance out the boldness of the animal print. It’s like the comfort of macaroni and cheese but topped with bacon and jalapeños.   


Yes, get your pearls out ladies. The runway is always dripping with them regardless of the season. Chunky or delicate, ornate or simple, it matters not when you are wearing them with a white t-shirt and jeans. Layer them. Wrap them around your wrist. Mix them with metals for a more modern take on the traditional strand of pearls. I mean, we don’t want to be mistaken for June Cleaver. Iron your own clothes, Ward.  


These are great if you don’t like a bracelet moving around on your wrist. They fit more snug and stay put while giving you a stacked or layered look. Most of these wrap bracelets have more than one length option so the fit is never a problem. Leather is just as timeless as the plain white t-shirt so it makes total sense that these would pair well together. We always feel just a little bit cooler when we are wearing a leather wrap bracelet. If leather was good enough for The Fonz, it’s good enough for us. 


Connie Swinney