Need a reminder in how much you love what you do?

 Just go talk to 6th graders. I had the honor of being invited to talk to two 6th grade young ladies in the Gifted & Talented program at Duff Elementary (my son’s old school) on how to create a product and start a business.  Their teacher told me they would ask me questions and pick my brain on product development, sales, marketing, customers, branding, and all the parts of being a business owner.  Being a little nervous,  I had to remind myself that I had the knowledge and experience (some at least, because we’re all still learning) so I could handle any of their questions.  I’m here to tell you that these young ladies are SMART.  The details they already understood in developing a product was phenomenal.  They understood marketing, product testing, who their audience would be (their ideal customer). They already knew pricing, research, and social media, just to name a few.  They have used Canva (a graphic design platform), Google Docs, and Google Sheets; lots of adults don’t know how to use these programs. They knew about selling online through social media and understood growing their customer base.  

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When their teacher, Mrs. Read asked if I would be interested in answering a few questions for these young ladies, I had no idea how much it would remind me how passionate I am about my business, being an entrepreneur as well as the excitement seeing this next generation of female entrepreneur .  Being creative is a very vulnerable process, and as a female showing how smart you are is sometimes a very brave feat.  I am so grateful and honored to be apart of this project and remembering how powerful working with kids can be.  

Thank you Mrs. Read!

Cathleen Mead
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