We just got back from market and the colors, textures, and excitement is hard to explain! We cannot wait for everything to arrive! It was all chosen with YOU in mind.

While we were there, we noticed some color trends and thought we’d give you the inside sco​op on what they are and how they were chosen.

Have you ever heard of the Pantone Color Trend Report? Pantone is a company known for its color matching system. It’s a system designers can use to match specific colors (using a special number code) no matter what equipment is used and no matter what material it will be used on.


They release a color trend report twice a year in February and September before the big 4 fashion shows in Paris, London, Milan, and of course, none other than New York. The report suggests the color trends you will likely see on the runway at those shows and in turn, the colors that will end up in your closet.

Now, I’m sure you are thinking that absolutely nothing at New York Fashion Week has any connection to what is in your closet, but not so fast. While you may not wear a head to toe feather romper or a lampshade as a hat, you may just end up wearing something inspired by one of those crazy contraptions strutting down the runway.  

Do you remember that one scene from The Devil Wears Prada where Meryl Streep destroys Anne Hathaway when she smirks at how they were laboring over which belt to choose for an outfit? Anne thought they looked exactly the same and didn’t understand why they even cared. Meryl whips her head around as the others follow suit staring at Anne like a pack of hyenas in the middle of the night ready to attack.


Meryl proceeds to explain to her that her “lumpy blue sweater that she dug out of the sale bin at Casual Corner” (remember those?) was not really her choice. It was the choice of the people standing in the room with her. The very people she was mocking. And the color of her sweater wasn’t actually blue. It was Cerulean.  

Cerulean was the very first color of the year that Pantone chose in 1999 for the year 2000.


A top secret group of people meet and discuss cultural trends, environmental climate, lifestyle and industry trends, and choose a color based on that information. At the time, Cerulean was said to represent the color of the “new millennium”.


This year the color of the year is Classic Blue.   

The Classic Blue color was inspired by that very first color of the year, Cerulean, as a nod back to the pre-911 era. Before our lives were changed forever. Blue would bring back the comfort and familiarity of a different time. Get ready to see a LOT of Classic Blue this year.


Classic Blue is just one of the colors in the full report. Without further adieu, here are the 12 seasonal colors and 4 neutrals Pantone has chosen for Spring/Summer 2020:


We are in LOVE with these colors! The color combinations are endless and stunning! If you want to have some fun and get some inspiration go check out erikafirm.com and her take on these colors. It's truly amazing all of the looks you can get from just a few colors! Her combinations in "Apple Pie in July" are perfection!


Come visit us and let us help you wear and pair these amazing colors. We are stocked for spring and so excited for you to see all of our new arrivals. 

Connie Swinney