Dazey LA - Shop Small Tee


Top quality clothing hand-drawn and handmade in Los Angeles in small batches. At Dazey we embrace slow fashion methods to bring our customers high quality, eco-friendly clothing. We are making a conscious effort to eliminate waste by making all of our tees to order rather than in larger quantities that create unneeded product. Every purchase at Dazey is in support of small, female owned business made with the environment in mind, so you can feel good about where your hard-earned dollars go!

It’s a time to celebrate and support brands doing their part to shape a more sustainable future. A large majority of slow fashion brands are small businesses that need your support now more than ever. 

It’s becoming increasingly clear that the help set aside for small businesses during this epidemic is going to corporations through loopholes, and many of us are being left to fend for ourselves. Can you imagine a future where your only options of consumption are corporately owned? A future where corporate America sets the standards of production just because consumers have no other option? Small business is not only the backbone of our country, but the ones truly bringing culture and positive CHANGE. 

Today and everyday Dazey wants to make a difference by empowering our planet and the people in it. Meet our latest design, the Shop Small tee. 100% of the proceeds of this design will go to support small sustainable businesses. Dazey will commit to using these funds to keep our team employed and directly reinvest 20% into the fellow female-owned brands we carry on our website. Your dollar makes a difference, choose to shop small and impact big!

Made in USA. 100% cotton. Hand distressed edges. Hand drawn graphic. Super soft fabric. Fitted shape - Size up if looser fit is desired

model is 5’4” wearing a small